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How does it work?

Little Van Gogh will show your art to many potential buyers in either monthly or bimonthly exhibitions taking place into companies in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. (If you are interested, we also offer the possibilities of exhibiting your art in France, the U.K. and Germany. Please ask us to learn more about it).
Little Van Gogh is totally free of charge for the artists. The exhibitions in companies are made of 10 of your works and have a duration of one or two months.
All Little Van Gogh artists receive a dedicated page on Little Van Gogh’s websites were their artworks can also be purchased.
When we sell an artwork online or in an exhibition, the artist gets between 77% and 83% from the selling price.

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Please fill in this form as precisely as possible. Incomplete returned files will make it difficult for us to approve. Every complete submitted application will be considered by our art selection committee within 4 weeks and will be answered within 6 weeks!

All artworks presented in this application form must respect the following criterias:

  • Artists should provide between 11 and 13 artworks. (10 will be exhibited and the extra ones are there to replace the sold artworks).
  • All works must be original and unique artworks (no reproductions, no serigraphy, no exclusive numeric art).
  • The maximum size for the artworks must be 100x100cm and the minimum size 70x70cm or 80x60cm.

    Les formats à respecter
    • Minimum size = 70cm x 70 cm
    • Maximum size = 100cm x 100 cm
    • Example : 90cm x 70 cm = OK - 100cm x 120cm = NOT OK
  • All artworks should exclusively be painted on canvas (no drawings or paintings on paper, no works framed with glass, no paintings on wood).
  • Canvas must be set on qualitative wood frames (maximum 2,5cm wide – no 3D frames) and should be delivered without any decoration frames..
  • The paint must properly fixed on the canvas (we advise all artworks to be varnished).
  • The prices of the artworks shouldn’t exceed 1000€.
  • Artworks with political, religious or sexual subjects are not accepted.

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